Strengthen Workforce, Optimize Performance & Availability
viaVPN is a Trusted & Secure IIoT Connectivity Solution for Remote Service
industrial vpn router-viaVPN

Better Service, Better Satisfaction
Machine to Machine (M2M) technology: viaVPN securely works with machineries located in anywhere, at anytime, in real-time, at seamlessly low costs. viaVPN easily connects the service personnel over a virtual cable around the whole world with your machine as the support personnel would just stay on-site, enabling him/her to test configure, adjust, troubleshoot or partially repair it.

viaVPN will help you to revolutionize your traditional maintenance and support service, upgrade to advanced and efficient cloud-based solution, reducing costs, bringing in new revenues streams.
Leverage the strength & benefits of
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to transform your business
rapidly, reliably, securely and cost-effectively

viaVPN is a secure solution
viaVPN is
an industrial IoT platform improving your after sales support worldwide.

Secure & Reliable Platform

Non-stop Service

Supports All Communication Technologies

Worldwide Access

Web-based Device Management
Reliable solution for your business needs
viaVPN is a reliable solution that will aid you in scaling smarter, faster and easier
to address complex business requests

industrial vpn router-viaVPN

Web-based Devices Management
viaVPN Cloud Server Network establishes & routes all remote viaVPN router connections. It works as a direct ethernet cable between industrial machine and service personnel.

Engineer's Tool
is the software tool allowing users to login in the viaVPN-Cloud and establish a VPN connection to their devices behind viaVPN-routers. After being connected users can use their own software to service all their devices and machineries.

industrial vpn router-viaVPN industrial vpn router-viaVPN
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industrial vpn router-viaVPN