Streamlining Technical Support Task Processes

viaVPN is an innovative cloud technology solution for efficient remote service. It works exclusively inside secure VPN tunnels, enabling original equipment manufacturers companies to manage efficiently their after-sales services offering their global customers value-added services by real-time remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and regular maintenance.

Deploying reliable hardware, sophisticated server software and intuitive web-based management interface viaVPN helps you to deliver a complete, secure and smart after-sales services, which address Remote Management, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Troubleshooting and Remote Maintenance.

Performance is very important, but without security, new ideas don't matter. viaVPN is a secure solution for your remote connectivity
viaVPN is a secure solution
Total M2M solution makes technical support directly

Rugged Hardware
viaVPN Router

are designed to perform remote access across Internet to machines and devices installed at customer’s site. Based on most advanced ARM technology and certified for EMC/EMI/ESD they can be deployed for a long time in harsh industrial environments. Using viaVPN-Routers OEM/ODM manufacturers can remotely test, diagnose and troubleshoot their equipment significantly reducing after-sales support costs.

Web-based Software
viaVPN Cloud Server

Cloud-Server software mainly performs users, routers and connections management simply using the web-browser interface only. Accurate protocols showing IP-addresses, date, time, duration and traffic volumes are at the fingerprint of the user for tracing and auditing purposes. It is accessible from fixed or mobile devices and supports Ethernet, Wifi, 3G, 4G standards.

Engineer’s Tool
viaVPN Client Utility

is the main software tool for the support engineers to login in the viaVPN-Cloud and instantly VPN-connect to any machine behind the viaVPN-Routers to start the troubleshooting process. The Client Utility runs on Windows platforms.

read more about viaVPN remote service solution read more about viaVPN remote service solution read more about viaVPN remote service solution
Remote Diagnostics
Loging in viaVPN Randevousserver - as administrator or user only- you can check and manage all remote machinery through viaVPN software and to provide your clients the assistance and solutions needed almost in real-time. All machines, their functionality and connections, traffic volumes are on your finger tips.



Ready to run full-featured Debian GNU/Linux on ARM operating system. This system is usually installed on the integrated NAND Flash memory, to operate without extra mass storage.
External storage offered is a SD card to place in the card-reader, and an additional CFast card. The operating system may also start from the SD card. With Debian's repository database it is easy to install and update the free software on the IS-ARM-PPC 860.
Remote Troubleshooting
Ready to run under Debian Linux or Windows CE 6.0.