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Choose the industrial Router with the needed connectivity for remote access: WAN, LAN, Wifi, 3G/4G-Modems, USB, Serial COMs, CAN-Bus, Net- & USB Cameras.

viaVPN-Routers are specially conceived and designed for easy and secure remote access to industrial devices and machines over the internet. Beside their rich connectivity interfaces the routers are designed for harsh industrial environments and certified for all EMI/EMC and ESD standards. DIN-Rail and wall mounting is supported. Using viaVPN-Routers the OEM/ODM –manufacturers or system integrators can service their machines as being on-site significantly reducing their traveling costs and achieving seamless short reaction times.


Virtual CAN-Bus Interface

Virtual COMs over RFC2217 protocol

GPIO-Control over ModBus protocol

Video Imaging over UVC-Cameras
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█ Easy Connection
viaVPN-Router is placed between the factory LAN network and the machine itself. The Router automatically establishes a VPN Connection (HTTPS port 443) to the viaVPN-Server-Network. No change for the factory firewall configuration is needed. Machines connected to the Router’s LAN side have their own local network, accessible over the router only. The VPN-connection to the Server-Network can be totally isolated from the internal factory LAN or allowed to pass traffic to the factory LAN. Privacy of factory LAN is fully protected.

The support personnel remotely logs in to the viaVPN-Server-Network using the viaVPN-Client-Utility-Tool which sets up a fully secure VPN-Tunnel to the viaVPN-Router and the machine behind it. Now the support personnel can use their testing, diagnosis and troubleshooting software as if it were on-site of the machine.
█ Flexible configuration
viaVPN-Routers can be fully configured through the viaVPN-Cloud-Server simply using a web-browser from PCs, Notebooks or mobile devices, such as Tablets or smart phones.
Optionally ViaVPN-Client may be used to remotely configure the router.

█ WiFi & 3G/4G
viaVPN-Routers have options for Wifi 802.11b/g/n and 3G/4G Modems. Wifi might be used for VPN connection or alternatively as access point (AP) for segregated LAN. 3G/4G serves as WAN for devices mounted on vehicles.

█ Encryption
viaVPN-Routers are running under Linux OS being driven by powerful ARM-CPUs with dedicated hardware for proven AES-256 bit encryption keeping high data throughput.

█ Security
Fully secure VPN-tunnels are used for all connections. All data exchanged during VPN connections is SSL/TLS encrypted. Exchanging public & private keys uses proven 2048-bit RSA with SHA-256 standards. Only high credentials authenticated users get access or permissions to viaVPN-Routers

█ On/Off VPN-access
VPN access might be enabled or disabled by the customer using a switch connected to the digital I/O interface of the router. In disabled state the VPN connection to Cloud-server is shut down. Customer keeps full control when a remote access is allowed.

█ Flexible Router Firewall
Aside from the VPN connection machines must be accessed by customer’s computers from factory LAN for feeding them with data, motion-sequences etc. The Firewall of the viaVPN-Router can be configured to allow access for
 * VPN-connection only
 * Factory LAN unless VPN-connection
 * factory=LAN & VPN-connection
to flexibly fulfill the customer’s needs

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viaVPN helps you accomplish your after-sales service and support tasks by quickly delivering trusted remote technical service to your customers